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Historical account by brownred kelso

Posted by Bama Red on April 23, 2011 at 9:56 PM

Historical account by brownred kelso

When Billy Ruble was fighting the tournaments in Florida, he would stop and rest his fowl at a farm in North Carolina, the man's name was Gabe Melton, they were really good friends, after a couple days rest Ruble would continue on into Florida to the tournaments. Now the reason I mentioned this Melton is where Larry Blevins got the Brown red blood from, these were probably some of the best black chickens that were ever pitted.This one particular trip Mr. Melton and Red Peak decided to travel down to Florida, Ruble was going to be fighting and they went down and got a hotel room together. The tournament started and these Black roosters caught Gabe's eye, they were pitted and financed by Harold Brown and they easily outclassed the competition and won the tournament straight fights, the cocks were owned by some fella's from South Carolina they belonged to Subert & Foster. Sometime during the weekend one of the two gentleman met up with Mr. Melton and broke open a bottle of whiskey and the next morning there sat one of those black cocks that had won in the tournament at roost on the bed post in their hotel room!!! Gabe with the help of bourbon whiskey had gotten himself some of the best chickens in the country. Now i was lucky enough to have a family member that was friends with Mr. Melton and years later Larry Blevins asked about swapping a hen up at Do ok pit with me but I never did, I've often wondered with Ruble stopping there all the time and those black chickens throwing a pea head every now and then don't you think they might have,,,,naaa surely not!!!,,,lol


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