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Bruner Roundhead

Posted by Bama Red on April 21, 2011 at 10:43 AM

Bruner Roundhead

Bruner Fowl By: Cotton

Origin and Development of Bruner Fowl.... T. K. (Thomas Kincaid) Bruner and Willis Holding, both natives of N.C. grew up together. Both graduated from the same college, now N.C. State University and both bred and fought gamecocks. T. K. settled in Memphis and was well known in cocking circles in that area. He fought and won a number of mains with and against the best. He was associated for some time with H. H. Cowan and helped him develop the highly rated, at the time, Alabama Roundheads. T. K. later bred and fought his own fowl. T. K. Bruner died at Memphis, Tenn. in Dec 1942. While ill he requested his mother that in case of his death he wanted his home brood yard of fowl sent to Willis. Following his death, Harry Ford of Tenn., at Mrs. Bruner's request, shipped the yard of fowl to Mr. Holding, who has bred them pure since then. By selective breeding he developed a strain, which in honor of "T. K." he called Bruners. Some very satisfactory battle cocks were produced. They have won at St. Augustine, Orlando, Copper State, Boxwood, and elsewhere. They continue to win their share of the battles. Mr. Holding is now 85 years young and has placed his fowl in the hands of a competent friend who breeds, feeds and handles them.


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