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Cardinal Kelso

By Paul Edward V. Tan and Noel R. Dimatulac (2009)


Loyce DeRouen of Louisiana is the originator of the CARDINAL CLUB KELSO. In the early 1950's, Mr. DeRouen had some Cardinals from F.F. "Chick" Hall of Oklahoma, which is a blend of Hatch-Clarets with little of Murphy blood.

In 1961 Loyce DeRouen acquired a trio of Kelso from Emery Thibodeaux through barter with his Cardinal trio. These Thibodeaux Kelsos were excellent slashers. Subsequently, Loyce DeRouen acquired two trios (Kelsos and Murphys) from an old man who lives in Jefferson Parish, in New Orleans who is a friend of Duke Hulsey and Mickey Massa. Those two trios acquired from the old man were the secret ingredients of the bloodline which made Loyce DeRouen a fortune and improved the quality of his family's life.

Through his careful breeding and selection, the CARDINAL CLUB KELSO was created.

The CARDINAL CLUB KELSOS have dark red feathers, yellow legged and come both pea-combed and straight-combed. They are excellent and accurate cutters both on the ground and in the air with superb endurance and great timing. Likewise, they have good bone structure and have fantastic bodies. Furthermore, this bloodline has the ability to shred an opponent in just a blink of an eye--very fast and accurate. Aside from such trait, this bloodline is known to steal a win from behind.

Moreover, Loyce DeRouen made different families of the same line namely: MACHINE, PICTURE COCK, RORN's and the JONES FAMILY. These CARDINAL CLUB KELSOS are excellent to cross with Roundheads and Hatches, but the Jones Family Cardinal Club Kelso is best when blended with the Blondly Rollan Democrats.

Meanwhile, Jason Campbell of the famed Slick Lizard Gamefarm, in Nauvoo , Alabama , acquired all the four families from Loyce DeRouen before the latter died.

CARSON FARM was able to acquire the CARDINAL CLUB KELSOS from Slick Lizard Gamefarm, and also from Bruce Barnett. Through meticulous breeding and selection, CARSON FARM was able to produce dark red and lemon orange CARDINAL CLUB KELSOS.

The CARDINAL CLUB KELSO is best when crossed with Sweaters, Roundheads and Hatches of CARSON FARM

Dink Fair Kelso

Johnny Jumper revolutionized the Kelso gamefowl. Through the help of Cecil Davis, Jesse Horta, Robbie White and his clique of friends, he was able to develop the Claret-looking strain of Walter Kelso, to a good-looking, well-balanced, all-around fighting feathered warrior called the Johnny Jumper Super Kelso.


The History of the $20,000 Cock


It was reported that the Johnny Jumper Super Kelsos originated from a rooster he calls the $20,000 (20 grand) line.

The father of the $20,000 was a Jesse Horta ½ White Legged Sweater (Kelso) x ½ Little Walter (from Walter Kelso) which Jesse Horta gave Robbie White. Subsequently, Robbie White mated this ½ White Legged Sweater (Kelso) x ½ Little Walter over his hens, which he called the $20,000 (20 grand) line.

Johnny Jumper Super Kelso


Johnny Jumper linebred the $20,000 (20 grand) line over his hens until the broodcock died. The offspring come dark red and white legged kelsos. However, occasionally, (especially when inbred) the progenies come blue-legged. It was admitted in an interview, that Johnny Jumper infused a Doc Robinson Hatch to his Kelsos to invigorate the bloodline, and bred it out. Through this breeding, Johnny Jumper Developed his Johnny Jumper Super Kelso.


Meanwhile, being a good breeder that he (Johnny Jumper) is, he was able to make strains of Kelsos: The Cecil Davis Kelso strain and his famous Out and Out Kelso--the latter strain being more famous.

Johnny Jumper’s Super Blends


From the White Legged Johnny Jumper Kelso, a secret strain of Yellow Legged Johnny Jumper Kelso was developed, which was claimed to be a better type. Reports say that the Yellow-Legged Kelsos have a 90 percent winning average. Johnny Jumper gave this strain as a gift to his Filipino best friend, the late Philip Chiongbian. However, Randy Jumper claimed that the Yellow-Legged Johnny Jumper Kelso is just a cross of Blackwater Sweaters, Johnny Jumper Kelso and Radio. As to what percentage each bloodline corresponds to, that is the Johnny Jumper secret concoction.


Well, what many do not know, is that Johnny Jumper had a link with the great Duke Hulsey, and claims that we was able to get a pair. Whether he used them or not, it was never disclosed, but just let your own imagination play its role…. Where could possibly Johnny Jumper use the Hulsey fowls? Does he have Straight Comb, Lemon Hackled fowls? I think he has a strain—but a noisy one.

Dink Fair’s Version


Subsequently, Dink Fair of Oklahoma acquired his Kelso from the well-known and respected breeder, Johnny Jumper. He bred the Dink Fair Kelso in a fashion that would suit his clientele from Mexico for the gaff. These Kelsos are smart, fast, very powerful and are high flyers.

The Secret Weapon


However, as a typical problem for breeders; who have been breeding the same bloodline day in and day out, Dink admitted that his Sweaters and Kelsos are losing their cutting and gameness. The same predicament is true with the fowls of Johnny Jumper. Dink Fair called and begged Jesse Horta for a White Legged Sweater (Kelso) which the latter has been breeding for 45years. Based on sources, Jesse Horta gave Dink Fair, Johnny Jumper and Junior Belt a White-Legged Sweater (Kelso) broodcock and gave Larry Powell a pair. Aside from a broodcock, Johnny Jumper received two ½ White Legged Sweater (Kelso) x ½ Little Walter fowls.


The main reason why the Johnny Jumper Kelsos and Dink Fair Kelsos, are good again is because of the secret ingredient Jesse Horta White-Legged Sweater (Kelso).

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