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W.T. (William Thomas) Greene

Posted by Bama Red on April 23, 2011 at 10:01 PM

W.T. (William Thomas) Greene was born in 1909 on Jack Penders Plantation in Wilson co., NC (Penders cross roads). W.T.'s grandfather Thomas Wiggins inherited the plantation (3000 acres) from Jack Pender in the 1880's. W.T. was born and lived in the Pender Plantation house until his early teens. In the late 1930's W.T. married and moved back into the Pender house and lived their until Jan. 1946. At an early age W.T. and his brothers Marvin and Pete were interested in breeding and fighting gamecocks. There was a cockpit there on the farm and another just a few miles down the road on the Batts farm. In the 40's and 50's W.T. also was the matchmaker and ref for most local fights. That is were he first earned his reputation as a fair and honest man. In the beginning, he had Sid Taylors, red quills, etc. In the late 30's a doctor from Goldsboro, NC, fought a great show of greys at a derby there on the farm and W.T. told the doctor how much he liked them. He said they were the pretties cocks he ever saw. Later the doctor gave him a trio and that began his love affair with grey gamefowl. In 1946 W.T. moved to the Norris Barnes plantation, serving as overseer and breeder/trainer. In the late 40's and early 50's W.T. trained and help train the cocks that Mr. Norris Barnes (toisnot entry) used in the Orlando and St. Augustine tournaments. They always won the majority and in 1950 they (toisnot entry) won the St. Augustine tournament. Thru the 50's and 60's W.T. participated in the local derbies and fought Mr. Norris Barnes 2 or 3 mains every year. The mains were private affairs and only a few were invited. In the beginning, Mr. Barnes won the majority of the mains but when W.T. got the greys from Sweater, everything went W.T.'s way . W.T. was a simple man, self educated (read many books), an authority on the civil war (war between the states), painted, wrote poems, never gambled, drank nor smoked. Liked being at home, never lived more than 4 miles from the house that he was born in. He said many times that "he did not like to get so far from home, that he could not walk back before dark". Today W.T. lives in a nursing home and ask everyday if he can go home. (101 yrs old, March 24, 2010). Tommy

W.T. (William Thomas) Greene Past Away Today, June 21, 2010.Born March 24, 1909 In Wilson County, North Carolina And Never Lived Outside The County In 101 Years . Cockers All Around The World Will Remember W.T. For His Sweater Greys.His close Friends And Family Will Always Remember Him For His Gentleman Ways And Love Of Family.He Died In A Nursing Home, 10 Miles From The Pender Plantation House Were He Was Born, Always Asking In His Final Days To "Go Home" To The House H

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